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Head Shots

What is a headshot?

A head shot is simply your introduction via a photograph. Head shots highlight the face and can include the subject's head and shoulders. Today, head shots are used online for Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, business cards and marketing collateral.

Why do you need a professional head shot?

Many folks use them for an introduction especially when you use the phone and then meet them in person.  Personal branding and marketing materials is another reason.  You can even use a nice head shot in your email signature. 

How often should you update your head shot?

Every year or two-or any time your appearance changes significantly. If you get a dramatically different haircut or shave your beard, it may be time for a new professional head shot session. 

A worthwhile investment?

A quality head shot does more than just make you look good in the eyes of recruiters or potential employers. It infuses confidence in your own professional capabilities. Folks will see you as someone who cares about their image and employs professionals around them.  To be clear, a head shot can be a financial investment as well, but one that will undoubtedly be worth the cost. Thinking beyond the initial investment, if you land that job or secure that project, which leads to a promotion, the professional ROI will far outweigh what you paid up front. If you look at your head shot as your first introduction, a representation of who you are to potential connections or employers, do you think you’re representing yourself well?  Take a good look at your current head shot, if you were on the other side, would you be impressed by you? Take the time to invest in yourself and your future.




We will suggest clothing options to make you look your best



Professional quality cameras, lenses and & lighting will be used.  Additionally, I have been trained by the best in the business and continue my education for your benefit. 


Posing Time

We will work with you to get the image that you look the best in.  Your input will be taken seriously.  Directing you to pose to yield the best images.  This is not a assembly line operation.



Pick your background.  For in Studio: White, Gray or Black.  Additional charge for on location natural backdrops.

Like black & white?

Select Color or B&W images.  Color images are the norm for most professional sites.

What to express your creativity?  Select B&W at no extra charge.

Delivery Time

Standard time to deliver final images is 5 working days.  For an additional charge you can have them next day.

Hair & Makeup

An add on option to.




Come to the studio in Loveland

No hair or makeup

Minimal face blemishes retouched



The camera comes to your location within 25 miles of the studio.

No hair or makeup

Minimal face blemishes retouched



Come to the studio in Loveland 

Hair and Makeup provided

Selected images retouched