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Intro to Lightroom Classic CC

Sunday, May 12, 2019   9a - 4p

Lightroom can be intimidating and confusing. This class will lead the student, through hands on activities, to import images, basic manipulation and exporting the final result. We will be using the current version of Lightroom Classic CC which needs to be loaded and able to run on your computer.

Example workflows

  • Basics of how Lightroom handles images.
  • The different panels within Lightroom
  • Importing images
  • Image manipulation, color correction, cropping.... everything to produce a final image. 
  • Image exporting
  • Backing up the Lightroom files
  • Practice, practice, practice....
  • Course Hours: 9a - 4pm
  • Maximum Number of Students: 6
Course Items: Students need to bring:
  • computers with Lightroom Classic CC running not just loaded.
  • power adapter for their computer and any mouse or input device
  • a group of images on their computer. 100+ images is great
  • a method to take notes
  • Cameras are not needed

 Werx Studios LLC / 3rd Street Studios

329 East 3rd Street, Loveland, CO

The studio is in back of the brick house at 329 East 3rd Street.  Please do not disturb the folks in the brick house.   Signs for 3rd Street Studios are hung on the chain link fence. Walk down the driveway on the west side (side towards the mountains) of the brick house to get to the studio.  The studio stands as a separate building towards the back of the property.

Phone: 970.371.3437 text or voice